Welcome to 'Better Learning Consultancy'

Our Goal and Philosophy 

At Better Learning Consultancy we believe that learning can be made easy and accessible for everybody, if only the teaching mode and strategies are right.  We therefore offer a range of services which all serve the one goal, to help every student to learn to their best ability. 

One-to-one individualised lessons are often successful where classroom teaching simply does not reach the learner.  We therefore offer tutorials for a range of subjects, with a strong emphasis on Mathematics/Numeracy and Literacy. Our tutorials are tailored for all skill levels and ages, but are particularly appropriate for primary and secondary students who struggle with their school work.  We are also well prepared for vocational students and workplace learning. 

Our particular expertise is Learning Support and Special Needs Education.  Learning Disabilities are for us a challenge one can cope with provided the support and learning strategies are right. Let us help you to learn!