Advice for Parents, Guardians and Carers

Contemporary school education has become increasingly complex.  Not only are there different school systems, there are also different and frequently changing curricula and policies.  Whilst all this might be less of a burden for parents of students who are well adapted to their schooling, it can become highly demanding for those who have children with learning problems.

At Better Learning we have much practical experience with State and Private School systems. We also know from first hand experience about the work in Education Support Centres and Special Schools. We are aware about legislation and special arrangements affecting students with special needs and learning disabilities and we can pass this information on to parents who are in need of advice in order to make difficult and necessary decisions. 

Dr Brigitte Burg has much experience with support structures, programs and processes. During her career as Teacher and Coordinator for Learning Support and Special Needs Education she has worked closely with parents/guardians facing challenging circumstances with learning difficulties of their children. As a psychologist she has also often supported parents in finding solutions for their children's challenging behavioural problems, which often go hand in hand with learning difficulties and disabilities. Behavioural management plans with detailed strategies incorporated into the child's school and home life are often successful to initiate a change to the better. Brigitte has the competence and professional enthusiasm to support parents with particular parenting problems.

 Areas of Support:

  • Information on Learning Difficulties/Disabilities
  • Identifying the need for learning support
  • "Where to go from here?" - Finding the right support system and school
  • Liaising with your child's school to find the right support
  • Specific learning plans and strategies 
  • What can you as a parent do to help your child learn?
  • Challenging behaviour at school and home - your child says 'No'!
  • Behavioural management programs for school and home
  • Parenting issues and how they affect your life