We are available for all aspects of Home Schooling support

We are familiar with program and lesson design, fulfilling the requirements of a variety of official curricula, e.g. National Australian Curriculum (see for qualifications “Our Expertise”).


We offer:

  •  Information: How to start. 
  • Teaching lessons for a range of subjects you might find challenging or unfamiliar
  • Lesson plans – easy to use and tailored for your child’s individual level and      schooling needs 
  • Curriculum and program design for many subjects
  • Preparations for the Moderator visit (portfolios, evidence, assessments)
  • Advice in pedagogy, learning psychology and effective methods
  •  Applying subject knowledge in real-life context, nurturing inquisitive learning and creativity
  •  Overarching language development approach - working on good communication skills in all subjects
  •  Advice and guidance in all matters of learning difficulties
  • Overcoming motivational problems
  •  We visit you in the comfort of your home
  •  Appointments available on weekends, evenings and on holidays
  •  Affordable fees (discounted for members of Home Education of WA)


Contact Us: 

Please call for an obligation free discussion of your child’s learning and schooling needs. Like you, we have the welfare and healthy development of your child in the centre of our interest. Alternative schooling styles like Home Schooling are in our hearts and minds and align well with our philosophy. We can guarantee an honest and ethical approach to our work and consultations. We are here to help!