Dr Brigitte Burg

PhD, MPsych, Grad.Dipl.Ed

Our Expertise:

"Better Learning Consultancy" provides teaching services to make learning accessible and easy. Dr Brigitte Burg,  a Psychologist and Neuroscientist by training, has worked throughout her entire professional life with the human mind. After a career as research scientist she turned her interest to school education and has worked for many years teaching in Western Australian schools.  Her expertise is Learning Support and Special Needs Education and she is a specialist in teaching Mathematics and English Literacy to those who find the subject challenging.  

Her background allows her to understand disabilities, such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia (Numeracy weakness) and other learning difficulties and she is able to apply an extensive range of effective strategies to her teaching.  She believes that every person can learn and that individualised methods and good teaching practices are instrumental to achieve that goal. For this reason her tutorials are not just an extension of school work, but a fresh and different approach to learning and information processing.  Of equal importance to her is a trusting, positive and anxiety-free learning environment where mistakes are allowed to be made.  Emotional wellbeing is a prerequisite for successful learning and Brigitte pays much attention to establish a positive student-teacher rapport.

Brigitte also enjoys the communication with professional peers and has much to offer in her workshops and seminars. She is a confident public speaker and available for presentations to teaching staff and educators, sharing her knowledge of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, learning and education. 

She is also available to help with curriculum design and course work to cater for the needs of learners in a large range of professional settings, businesses and workplaces.

Over the last decade, Brigitte has worked closely with students and their parents. She is well able to provide valuable professional advice to parents in all matters of school education, learning and learning support.  She is also a specialist on behaviour and has successfully worked with students with challenging behaviours.

Brigitte is a Member of the Teacher Registration Board of WA (TRBWA) and the Australian Psychological Society (APS).  She works with a current police clearance and a Working With Children Check.