Better Learning Consultancy offers individualised tutorials for Mathematics and English Literacy to those who need support and a focused approach to learning.  We believe that classroom learning in the school environment is not necessarily ideal for everyone and small groups or one-to-one learning modes are often all it takes to learn better.  One-to-one, individualised and interactive teaching often makes a significant difference for the struggling student. Attention and motivation can be enhanced where it remains otherwise an obstacle.  Tutorials in a comfortable, non-competitive surrounding, where mistakes can be made without fear of embarrassment, can free the mind for successful learning.  A friendly student-teacher rapport is a necessity for good learning and this is a primary focus at Better Learning.

Our tutorials provide more than the work on a specific subject. We aim for independence allowing the student ultimately to learn and study under his/her own directions. Our approach is therefore holistic and addresses study and organisational skills as well as subject content.

 We offer:

Tutorials for Mathematics, English Literacy -

 and all subjects with a large numeracy or literacy component

  • Individualised to the student's needs
  • Working on his/her current subjects
  • Establishing solid skill basics
  • Appropriately pitched at ability level of student
  • Highly interactive
  • Letting the student find their own solutions
  • Enabling ownership of learning process
  • Teaching learning to learn
  • Establishing organisational skills and independence
  • Setting up a supervised studying and revision schedule
  • In accordance to Australian National Curriculum
  • Applying proven teaching strategies
  • In the comfort of your home
  • At times which are convenient for you (after school, weekend and school holiday appointments are available)
  • Affordable fees
  • Materials are provided